Welcome To house-of-mafia

House-of-Mafia is providing quality gameservers for RPG sites, currently providing monitored vps's mostly to mafiagames (games introduced above), also dedicated servers will be available later on. Site is currently under development, and will build up as fast as the coding in games will give the time.. as we also help our clients on coding theyr games to function and develope new features on demand bases. If you feel like helping out on development and to keep the server costs down, dont hesitate to use the donation link.

We have several servers available in US and germany (seattle and munich stresstested) and we do not overcrowd the servers, thats why we have bending pricing; new servers are started with minimum of 2 accounts, and price depends the final client approved location, we do test client needs and try to match them as good as possible, 1 vps account can be as low as 11,90/mo depending the accounts on server.

Don't hesitate to contact if you have a need of proper server for your game 8o)

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